A wonderful quiz program

Dear Rtns,

Rtn Latha and her two colleagues conducted a wonderful quiz program for the Interactors during our regular meeting on Tuesday, 10th Sep’13.
4 teams from Sishya participated, and the 6 rounds of questions, including audio visual ones, were engrossing and interesting.
The teams were well matched and the outcome was decided only in the last round, which was a “rapid fire” one with 15 questions posed in 90 seconds!.
A big thanks goes out to
a) Latha and her colleagues for conducting the show.
b) Viswakumar for mooting the idea, requesting Latha to conduct the show, and mentoring us.
c) Boopathiraja for ensuring a good participation from the Interactors, and also for organising the gifts.

Some photos of the event are attached.


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