Operation Warmth – Blanket Project – 14/12/2013

Dear Rotarians,

Blanket distribution to the poor sleeping in the cold streets –  a heart warming project, so naturally, we see keen enthusiasm from Rtns and Anns.

We had formed two groups-
1)Main group-met at Cafe Coffee day-Ispani center-Nugambakkam high road at 10:00pm.
2)ECR group at Cafe coffee Day at Besant nagar at. 9:00pm.
After coffee and briefing the rotarians/anns/annettes went about distributing the blankets.

The blankets were sponsored by Rtn Murli Chhabbria & the coffee and snacks by Rtn.Subash at Nungambakkam and Rtn.Ananth at Besant Nagar. We sincerely thank them for the same.

The RC Adyar team from the south – Rtns Ananth (host), Bakshi, Jayaram, Karunakaran, Ravishankar, and Annd Banumathi and Selvi came together to distribute the blankets in and around Besant Nagar.

The Rotarians who took part in the project starting from Cafe Coffee day at Isapani centre – MurliChaabria, Subash, Thiagarajan and Ann Chitra, Seshiah, Jayaraman, Gopalkrishnan and Annette Preethy, Eashwer, Bhoopathi raja, Vijay, Rajendran and Ann Nandini, Archana, Satish, K N Iyengar and ann Prabha

18 Rotarians and a total of 24 took part. A total of 120 blankets were distributed including that given to an old age home.

Thanks to ALL who came forward, and our Rtn Chabbria for sponsoring the blankets and keeping this event alive year after year.

See the Pics below …
Dear Rotarians,
Had joined at cafe coffee day, had fun & then we were divided into groups.
I was part of the group with Rtn.Gopal & his daughter & Rtn. Archana.
We started beneath Kodambakam bridge & travelled towards streets of vadapalani, KK nagar, Ashok nagar & surroundings.
Gopal got 15 blankets for our team, but his daughter was given one & archana was forced with 2 & thus totally we need to find 18 people who deserve it.
Great start, dull middle (even all of us thought of calling it) & but, a wonderful ending. We completed 17 by 1am & I wanted 1 for the old man I see during my walkings & I did that by 1.30am & Ohhhh what an amount of pride, satisfaction & joy.
Thanks to –
1. Rtn.Murali chhabbria for the warmth, you are great.
2. Fellow Rotarians with whom we enjoyed at Cafe.
3. Rtn.Gopal + his daughter & Rtn.Archana for the wonderful time, company & for the purpose we were.

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